Excellent Coursera Training

2. August 2020 0 By MarcoWilde
Excellent Coursera Training

Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups
by Matthew A. Koschmann PhD

Recently I performed a Coursera Training performed by Matthew Koschman from University of Colorado Boulder. It is not only that he receives excellent feedback from nearly all participants due to his knowledge, but he is a born presenter and a master in communication. It was a consistent presentation of complex subjects in a flawless stream of information.

Module 1 was mostly about communication with a focus on hidden forces of group communication, that help to understand the latent factors of influence we need to master continuously. I personally think we should work more towards reveilling such mostly unconscious aspects of communication to what Daniel Kahnemann would call our system 2 – the more conscious and rational part of our reasoning and decision making system.

The second module then goes beyond group communication and adresses the problem of decision making in groups. Matthew Koschmann demonstrates how roles and norms are an important aspect of our socialzed group decision practices and how we can change the decision processes that we have learned and accepted without questioning them a lot.

An additional and mostly neglected aspect of group collaboration waas presented in Module 3. It introduces diversity, difference and the influence of identity in relation to groups, group communication and group formation.

Finally the last model translated the aspects of communication in teams into our current prevalent situation: Distributed – virtual collaboration with the help of collaboration tools.

Knowing that the team around Matthew will not read this, I still want to thank them all for this excellent work. Hopefully some people will read this article and join your course (Next course started today ;-))

With this I will close my article, hoping that you are going to update or even better provide and additional complementary MOOC!

I am in!