The TPA-Mascot: BadPanda



Our new Mascot “BadPanda

BadPanda lives in our house now since quite a while, first as a toy Panda-bear that we brought from China and after a while as a drawing in different colors and situations. You can find them for sale in our shop as well. During the COVID-crisis there was some additional time due to the lockdown and my children were watching me paint a panda family – when they had a nice idea: Why not have a BadPanda printed.

After some prototypes – it was done 🙂

My children love the small 3D-printed Panda – hence our new mascot was born.

BadPanda is a fully hand-crafted PLA-printed figure:

  • 14cm tall
  • 20 parts
  • two colors: black and white
  • 8 badges (painted with acrylic color)
  • 3 shields (painted with acrylic color)

We like to combine badges and shields – And if you have an idea, just let us know, we will print it for you.

If you like to paint your badges of shields on your own please let us know!

Have fun.


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 cm


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