TPA© Ecosystem Analysis



This TPA© Systemic Collaboration Analysis embraces the following elements:

  •  Systemic ecosystem analysis TPA©
  •  1-day preparation
  •  5 days of interviews
  •  1-day data analysis
  •  Deliverables:
    Feedback Report
    24 Interview-reports and analysis
    2-hour result presentation, recommendation and change-plan


Teamplay.Academy provides a full collaboration-ecosystem analysis on the basis of the TPA model© and TPA method©. This analysis includes a preparatory workshop, to set up the interview project and the selection of the project team-members.

After the initial workshop the TPA team performs 24 interviews on premise to collect the respective information, necessary to perform a sound grounded theory analysis.

The results will be analyzed and presented in form of a 2 hour presentation and Q&A, including recommendations for next steps.

This workshop is also available in German language!

The basis for this ecosystem analysis is a minimum engagement of 8 working days!


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