TPA© Initiation Workshop


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This service embraces a set of consultancy elements:

  •  Model presentation (TPA)
  •  Method introduction and application
  • 1-Day / 2-Day / 3-Day workshop
  •  Ecosystem analysis and mapping
  • nemo² workshop inclusive report
  •  Action planning


Teamplay.Academy provides “Initiation Workshops” on the basis of the TPA model© and TPA method©. These workshops include and initial evaluation of the respective collaboration ecosystem, identifying the hard- and soft-facts about the customers most urgent needs, possible quick-wins and responsible actors. These workshops are used to  evaluate the potential need for systemic collaboration improvement program.

The workshop includes a customer/sponsor meeting, key stakeholder interview.

The results will be summarized, including recommended next steps and findings.

This workshop is also available in German language!


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one-day, two-days, three-days


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