nemo² Group Support System

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nemo² is a system designed to achieve better results in group work.

Through the methods inherent in the system, group dialogue is structured and is documented fully automatically. Implemented modules consistently develop the creative potential of a working group.

nemo² is a method and a tool. The decision-prepation process is accelerated considerably and the result is considerably better.

We’ve seen it all before – you’ve got a brainstorming session where a lot of people talk at the same time and others don’t talk at all. Many ideas can’t be recorded and others get lost due to the fact that individual group members dominate the proceedings.
nemo² eliminates these weaknesses of the usual methods by structuring the process, recording answers simultaneously and anonymously and analyzing them systematically.

The principle is quite simple: the computer replaces paper. You plan your presentation the way you always do but supported by nemo². The participants in your workshop don’t write on “post-it” notes; instead, they enter in their answers and comments into their laptops. Analyses are no longer carried out on a flipchart but interactively via computer.
The software ensures that everyone can contribute his or her suggestions and that every idea is assessed objectively.

This principle offers considerable advantages:
– Every idea is presented: By means of anonymous entries in laptops it is possible to avoid employees withholding unconventional ideas or comments.
– Every idea is recorded: The nemo² electronic work platform reliably records all suggestions.
– Analysis is carried out automatically: The different modules of nemo² analyse all content and the time you spend on corrections is reduced drastically.
– Large groups are possible and make sense: nemo² can record input from more than 100 participants and analyse their results.
– Shared and time-delayed work is finally possible: Via nemo² you can present workshops in several locations at the same time. Every participant completes set tasks at his or her location within the time required to complete the task.


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