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The following document is meant to describe the research that has been performed in industry during the last 6 years, laying the foundation for a basic set of “Design Patterns” for collaboration. It lays the scientific foundation for “Design Patterns” which are pieces of generalized knowledge to improve teamplay and mutual interaction in the domain of work, family, sports and partnerships. The paper describes what kind of “Design Patterns” exist and how they are interrelated in their respective ecosystem. Reading the document will allow you to understand the prerequisites of good teamplay and how you can influence your ecosystem. The ecosystem always includes you, your peers and the respective environment. The paper is meant to provide you with an approach to decompose this overwhelmingly complex subject into understandable chunks of knowledge that will enable you to progress with your team quickly. Once you have experienced that your increased knowledge and understand influences your teamplay, you hopefully will be motivated to continue the journey to learn more about how to collaborate with others. Further support will be given by a set of easy to understand, systemic “Design Patterns” that provide potential solutions in form of practical advice and mitigation actions answering your demand.


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